History of writing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana

This song is famous not only among grange lovers but among all music lovers. This is a song that breaks barriers between different subcultures and music styles. After that, hundreds or even thousands of artists kept going the similar way.  

The history “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana

One of the discoveries of Kurt Cobain was precisely the unusual synthesis of punk rage, metallic sounds and pop melodies (later a similar cocktail from industrial, metal and electronics will be made by Rammstein). The album was recorded for only 600 dollars, but it was sold in so many copies that several labels competed for the right to sign a contract with it. The band started to record a new album. When speaking about the “Smells like teen spirit”, the meaning of the lyrics of the song itself was very dull, but Kurt added mystery to it with his extremely vague singing. Subsequently, some radio stations refused to take the song, arguing that they cannot hear that Kurt is singing. Download the track to feel its energy.

The video

According to Kurt’s original plan, the video was supposed to visually express all the teenage anarchy aroused in the music of the song. Probably, it was worth it – the spirit and foolishness of teenagers in the video shone in all its glory. However, Kurt was unhappy with the first version of the clip, quarreled with director Sam Breyer, and rewired everything himself. The official Smells Like Teen Spirit video was unexpectedly popular on MTV. Not long after that, the band sold more than a million copies of the single.