Are There Any Risks When Using Proxy Servers?

It’s commonly accepted that when a user goes online via proxy servers, he is absolutely secured from losing personal information. Let’s see if it’s really so and get to know more about how proxy servers work.
First of all, you should be aware that every time you access the Internet, your IP address is shared with the website. It’s inevitable since if there’s no IP address, there won’t be any connection. The website won’t understand how to deliver you the data. So, if you are looking for a server to hide this address, go to
Not so many people understand, that IP address shares more information than you think. It identifies where you are located and ties you and your home address to it. Some websites often block users from certain regions and they are not able to visit their page.
Since some people weren’t happy about it, they started to look for ways to get around these things. That’s where proxy servers come into the game.
The term itself stands for a substitute meaning instead of your IP, the website will get another address. It’s very easy to set up and use. In comparison to the ordinary way, you’ll access the website going to the proxy server first in order to hide the IP. Then your request will be transferred to the actual website.
It seems very appealing and more people turn to use proxies. For instance, it’s useful when you are traveling and want to get to the website which is banned back at home. Or when you go to eBay to look for something and don’t want this to be tracked back to your IP address and you. Then you simply go to
However, there may be some reasons against using proxy servers. For example, your boss, ISP or some other networks can object to this. Sometimes they don’t say you can’t do it. However, they may imply that you shouldn’t. In addition, some free proxy servers have their IP addresses blacklisted and they won’t help you access the site you need.
Proxy servers behave in different ways because they are built differently. There are transparent, anonymous, distorting proxies and the ones with high anonymity. It’s up to you to pick the kind of server to need and whether to get one free or buy a more reliable one. Anyway, you must be aware of the risks, especially with the free options.